About Me

Hi as some of you may know i am the proud owner of Jaliyah Kreationz Est. 2020. When I first started my business I introduced products that will allow you to feel boujee on a budget! 

As my business grew I realized I had a deeper passion for creating budget products. I started working at the early age of 15 years old while working two jobs in high school at 16 years old. Teaching myself how to budget at a early age allowed me to buy my first car all cash, save up to go to college and move out at 18!  Instead of going to college I decided to create a business and a planner that would not only change my life but the lives of others that lack financial literacy and  want control over their finances. I started building credit at 18 and have managed to keep a score in the 800s and have continued to stay debt free by using all my budget tips and hacks. 

I have now sold thousands of planners and take clients everyday teaching them how to budget and become more financial secure. I love my business and I am thankful for everyone that supports and allows me and my products to be apart of your financial journey! 


CEO Jaliyah Kreationz 

A Video of my story